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Introduction to Foreign and International Legal Research


This guide introduces resources and strategies for locating selected foreign and public international law materials. It is organized into the following main sections:

  • Abbreviation and Citation Guides: Need help deciphering a foreign or international law citation, or getting started with constructing a citation? Start here.
  • Dictionaries: Find resources providing definitions or translations of non-U.S. legal terms and phrases.
  • Foreign Legal Materials: Get started with researching legal materials from countries outside of the United States.
  • International Legal Materials: Get started with researching treaties, international case law, and selected legal materials from multinational and international organizations such as the European Union and United Nations. 
  • Current Awareness: Provides guidance on locating news articles or blogs on current foreign or international law topics.

Books on Foreign and International Legal Research

For additional research suggestions beyond this guide, start with one of the print research guides listed below. These titles are available in print in the Mabie Law Library or online through our subscription resources. (Online resources require either signing in with your UCD ID and password or activating the library VPN.)