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How to Use CEB OnLAW

A guide to searching CEB OnLAW, a database of over 150 CEB California practice guides


CEB OnLAW is a database of over 150 titles published by CEB, formerly known as Continuing Education of the Bar. CEB titles are California specific, and include practice guides with in-depth legal analysis and citations to statutes and case law, as well as step-by-step action guides. 

Tips for using OnLAW:

  • Where to find? UC Davis law students may access CEB OnLAW here or from the "Databases" link on our website.
  • Practice guides vs. Action guides
    • Practice guides are multi-volume sets with legal analysis and citations to statutes and case law. Use for most research.

    • Action guides are slim single volumes that break down complex legal tasks into manageable steps. Use if you are completing a specific procedural task.

  • For more search options, select "Search" in the upper left. In Search, you can perform key work, case, statute, and form searches. You can also search within titles or topic areas.


  • Looking for a specific title? Use the "Available Publications" menu on the left by clicking the arrow next to the applicable area of law


  • Downloading results. OnLAW does not provide a download or email option for results, other than downloadable forms. To copy a section or sections, select the "Print" option and save as a PDF. Forms may be downloaded as Word documents.

Post-graduate access to CEB

UC Davis Law students may obtain personal CEB Pro accounts. CEB Pro gives graduates access to CEB for 18 months after graduation. Students must sign up for CEB accounts while still in law school to obtain post-graduate access. 

Contact for a registration code.