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Introduction to the Library

A guide to Mabie Law Library resources and services to help students succeed in law school


1Ls and LLMs are assigned a carrel by the Law Library, two students per carrel.

Carrel assignments are usually made within the first two weeks of school. You will receive an email when carrels are assigned.

Assignments will be posted in:

  1. Library Lobby
  2. Glass display cases in North and South Reading Rooms
  3. Law School Intranet: select “Community” tab then “Carrel Assignment”

See the list for your carrel number and your carrel mate!

2Ls/3Ls will have a chance to sign up for a carrel (two students per carrel) through self-assignment on the Intranet. Detailed instructions are emailed during that time.

Please read our rules about the carrels.

How to find your carrel

Q: Where is my carrel?

  • Assigned carrels are located in three general areas of the library: the North Reading Room, the South Reading Room, and the Stacks. The North and South Reading Rooms are on the second floor of King Hall. There are six levels of library stacks. You can enter the Stacks from either the first floor or the second floor.

Q: How do I know which type of carrel I have?

  • Carrels in the Stacks will begin with a number, indicating the Stacks level of the carrel. Example: "2C" is in the Stacks Level 2, Carrel C. 
  • Carrels in the North Reading Room begin with letter "N". Example: "N15" is in the North Reading Room, Carrel 12. 
  • Carrels in the South Reading Room being with letter "S". Example: "S29" is in the South Reading Room, Carrel 29. 

Q: How many people are assigned to a carrel?

  • Two students are assigned to each carrel. Students who share carrels usually come up with a schedule that works for both of them.

Q: Can I choose who I share my carrel with?

  • We are unable to accommodate requests for sharing carrels. 

Q: Who do I talk to if I have questions about my carrel?

Group Study Rooms

Study Rooms: The Group Study Rooms in the North Reading Room (Study 2239A-Study2239E) and the Basement Study Rooms by the Computer Lab (Room 0050A-Room0050E) are administered by the Dean's Office. Group study rooms in the library are available for groups of two or more for UC Davis law students. Groups may reserve rooms by making a reservation at COWS online system for room bookings and are subject to approval. Check out COWS Help page for further user information. You may also contact the Dean's Office for additional information. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at the Library Circulation desk, or contact

Study Areas

South/North Reading Rooms

Darling Reading Room

Main Reading Room