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Study Aids Guide

West Academic Study Aids

The library offers a digital collection of exam prep and study materials that you can access from your computer or mobile device. Find the link to West Study Aids in the lower right-hand corner of the library’s webpage.


  • Gilbert Law Summaries - These course outlines include black letter law, capsule summaries, and correlation charts to match pages to relevant casebooks. Also features practice multiple-choice, true-false, and essay questions.
  • Audio lectures - The Law School Legends series offers 1-hour lectures by noted law school professors.
  • Exam Pro - Now with multiple-choice questions! This series includes sample exams, both multiple-choice and essay. Students can check their answers against keys that explain not only the best answer choice but also why other answers are not the best choice. Also cites leading hornbooks and treatises.
  • Flashcards - Electronic flashcards present objective questions on legal topics covered in your law school courses. Explanations accompany correct answers, providing a way to test your knowledge of black letter law.
  • High Court Case Summaries - This series contains well-prepared briefs for major cases in the corresponding textbook.  
  • Hornbooks - These in-depth one-volume treatises cover law school course subjects.
  • Concise Hornbooks - Need something less in-depth than a hornbook? Concise Hornbooks have been developed for law students. They provide a concise analysis of subjects covered by law school courses.
  • Nutshell series - Need something shorter than a Concise Hornbook? The Nutshell series encapsulates law school subjects in a readable format.

Access from your device. Download the app to view West Study Aids on your mobile device.

Lexis Digital Library

The library now offers access to the Lexis Digital Library.  This collection includes a library of exam preparation materials such as:



Exam Pro Multiple-Choice Questions

Students will now be able to test their knowledge with interactive, multiple-choice quizzes available in the Exam Pro Series.  Written by law professors, interactive quizzes are available as part of most Exam Pro titles.  The quizzes offer a self-paced format that can be used anytime.  In addition, students can gauge their learning when they immediately see the right answer along with an informative explanation of why it is the best answer. 

After opening the ebook, click on "Take Quiz" on the right side of the page.  That will start the interactive quizzing function.


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