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California Legislative History

A guide to researching legislative history in California

Step 5: Locate the bill’s final history

What is the bill's Final History?

The Assembly and Senate publish final histories at the end of every session showing the final disposition of all measures. The final history also lists actions related to the bill that were taken during the legislative session. Information such as committee referrals can be important in compiling legislative histories.

Where to find

  1. Assembly Final History
    • ​​Library: KFC 14 .C35473
    • California Legislative Information (1999 forward): navigate to the bill page, and then click "History" tab.
    • Lexis: CA Bill Tracking Reports (1988 to current session): in citation field, enter bill number (e.g. AB 2294) & in date field, enter year of enactment.
  2. Senate Final History
  3. Lexis
    • CA Bill Tracking reports (1988 to current session). Summary and legislative chronology of California bills. Changes made to bills during the legislative process are not reflected in the SYNOPSIS section of the bill tracking report. Consequently, the full text of the bill should be retrieved and reviewed for any changes to the language of the bill.
      • In citation field, enter bill number (e.g. AB 2294) and in date field, enter year of enactment

  4. Westlaw