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UC Library Search FAQs for law library users

This guide answers questions about UC Library Search for Mabie Law Library patrons

UC Library Search FAQs for law library users

Q: What is UC Library Search?

A: The Mabie Law Library catalog, UC Davis Library catalog, and UC’s Melvyl will become one system – UC Library Search – on Tuesday, July 27th. Use the tabs on the Mabie Law Library website to search Mabie Law Library's collection, all UC Davis Libraries (including Mabie Law Library), or all UC Libraries combined. 

Q: What's new?

A: The Mabie Law Library collection is now part of the new all UC Libraries Search system, which replaces Melvyl as the UC-wide library catalog search tool.

  • Locate the full text of millions of print and online books, journal articles, and other content.
  • Borrow and renew materials from any library in the UC system using a single sign-on.

Q: What if I just want to find a book in the Mabie Law Library catalog?

A: You may search for books in the law library catalog by using the "Mabie Law Library" search tab. The Mabie Law Library’s current catalog, MORT, will be available until August 31st. MORT will be updated until then and will be searchable from the library’s web page. On September 1, all of the Law Library’s collection will be available in UC Library Search. MORT will be retired at that time.

Q: How do I search for materials in Advanced Search?

A: Select "Advanced Search." This will take you UC Library Search.

  • Select and Search just the Mabie Law Library collection
    • Under "Search," select "Local Catalog" 
    • Under "Location," select "Mabie Law Library"

  • Select and Search both the Mabie Law Library and Shields collections, using UC Davis Libraries
    • Under "Search," select "Local Catalog"
    • Under "Location," select "All Libraries"
  • Select and Search all of the UC Libraries at the same time, using Everything (UC+)
    • Under "Search," select "Everything (UC+)"

For additional information, see the UC Library Search: User Guide.

Q: How do I borrow a book from Shields library (the main campus library)? 

A: UC Davis law students and affiliates may borrow books from Shields library. Students must go to Shields library to check out books in person. For additional information see UC Davis Library Accounts and Borrowing.

Q: I'm not finding the book I need at Mabie Law Library or UC Davis Libraries. May I borrow books from other UC libraries?

A: Law school students, faculty, and staff may borrow materials from other UC libraries via Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Please note that other UC law libraries will not lend textbooks or casebooks.

  • For instructions on placing ILLs, go to UC Library Search: User Guide and scroll down to "Request a Book from Another Library (Interlibrary Loan)."
  • Select "Shields Library" as the Preferred Local Pickup Location. At this time, Mabie Law Library is not an ILL pickup location. You will need to go to Shields to pick up the ILL when the request is filled.
  • If you are a member of UC Davis Law Review, ILLs should be made through Sue Jones,
  • If you are a member of another law school journal, please consult your editor before placing an ILL.
  • If you are borrowing the book for a faculty member, contact for assistance. 

Q: What happened to Melvyl?

A: Melvyl, the UC system catalog, is being retired after 40 years. On July 27, UC Library Search will become the single online catalog for the UC system. It will encompass everything now in Melvyl, the UC Davis Library catalog, and the Mabie Law Library catalog. For more information, see Melvyl is retiring: What do we do now to get ready? 

For more information on UC Library Search, see UC Library Search Frequently Asked Questions.