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Why do I need the library?

Why do you need the library?  Because legal research is an essential component of legal practice!  As a nascent legal professional, you will likely be spending much of your time doing legal research tasks.  In fact, a recent study indicates that first-year associates tend to spend 45% of their time doing legal research.  It's a vital skill!

The library can help you develop research skills to give you a competitive edge in today's legal labor market.  Employers are looking for graduates who are ready to substantively contribute without needing extensive training and/or orientation.  Make use of your time in law school to develop these skills so that you're ready when you hit the job market.

 Research Assistance!

The Mabie Law Librarians can help you with legal research instruction.  We can go over the Bluebook with you or help you write seminar papers.  Please feel free to email us, call us, or simply come visit us!  We'd love to sit down with you and discuss your research projects, how to improve your time management skills, or just general advice on how to succeed in law school.

  Preparing for Exams!

We have LOTS of materials to help you succeed in law school.  Find exam preparation materials both in print, and online.  We also have a collection of past exams.  Need help with your outline?  We have commercial outlines and guides on how to effectively study, and succeed, in law school.

 To Develop Skills!

Developing market-ready skills while in law school has never been more important.  The library can help you to develop your legal research skills to prepare you for practice.  As an aspiring legal professional, you are likely to spend much of your time doing legal research.  Develop these skills while in law school to give yourself an advantage in a competitive job market.

 Liaison Program

A reference librarian will be assigned to you as part of our librarian liaison program. This means you will have a personal librarian who can answer questions, help you with legal reasearch, or direct you to resources. The librarian will set aside time to offer a tour of the library in his/her group and talk about keeping in touch.

 Weekly Research Email Tips

Reference librarians will be sending you emails from time to time with helpful legal research tips. You can see the first email here. These will be short 1-2 minute guides on various legal research concepts you will need to know for your LRW class and practice in the real world. Please feel free to ask questions and talk to your liaison about any part of the materials presented. Legal research is an important part of your education and we want to be sure you get the basic tools to become great legal researchers!