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Accessing Library Services Off-Campus

Reaching Us

The library is available whether you are on campus or not. We are now scheduling remote appointments to assist you with research and other questions from off-campus. You can always reach us during library hours via email at or by phone at 530-752-0210.

The Mabie Law Library will offer reference and research services remotely via email or live video conferencing. Please contact us at to:

  • seek research assistance
  • ask for documents or books. We will check to see if there are electronic versions available.

Accessing Materials from Off-Campus

Nearly all of our electronic materials are accessible off-campus. You may need to install the campus VPN client to access some databases.
Remember that we have LOTS of exam prep materials available electronically (nutshells, concise hornbooks, commercial outlines, podcasts, multiple-choice questions, etc., etc.). These include West AcademicLexis Digital Library, and CALI tutorials. The CALI authorization code is: CALDAVstu22

Scheduling Appointment with Librarian

The librarians will be available for appointments - both on-campus and via Zoom. If you would like to schedule an appointment please use the following link:
With Zoom, librarians can share their screen and guide you through the research process in Westlaw, Lexis, etc. We can also help you get started and find sources for research papers and help you with externship and other research assignments.

Chat with a Librarian

Research librarians will also be available via chat messaging. You can contact a research librarian, via chat, during library hours. This service is best suited for brief research questions that can be answered quickly. If you have a complex research problem, it may be more appropriate to schedule an appointment or come into the library.
Simply click on "Need Help? Chat with us!" at the bottom of the page.