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Researching Multidisciplinary Legal Questions

When Lexis and Westlaw aren't enough, a database in the Social Sciences becomes necessary. Here are some recommended databases.

Searching for Articles

Remote Access: Nearly all of our electronic materials are accessible off-campus. You may need to install the campus VPN client to access some databases.


Full Text Databases:

Full text databases provide the entire article, either in PDF, HTML or another full text format. The trade off is that typically these databases are smaller, searching fewer journals and aren't as comprehensive.


Indexed Databases:

Indexed databases do not provide the full articles. Instead they provide a description, i.e. abstract of the article, a citation, sometimes list all articles cited within the target article. It is up to the searcher to get the full article if they want to see it.


Finding Articles with Citations

When you have a citation, you can either get the article in an online form or in paper. To get an online article go to the Law Library's  A-Z Journals.