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Gender and the Law

This guide contains materials dealing with sex and gender discrimination, sex stereotyping, and state/federal laws pertaining to gender or sex.

Locating Journal Articles

You will be able to find a plethora of materials on these topics in the full-text database for journal articles on Westlaw and Lexis.  However, it is recommended that you use a bibliographic index, such as LegalTrac, instead as it will both be more comprehensive in its coverage and includes metadata such as subject headings and/or keywords.  This will make your search far more comprehensive and you won't miss important materials because of varying terms.

Here are some recommended subject headings in LegalTrac:

Sexual Harassment
Sex Discrimination Against Women
Reproductive Rights
Domestic Violence

Locating Treatises and Monographs

To locate books, consider using a subject search.  This has the advantage of collating relevant materials together and will be more comprehensive than using a keyword search.

Here are some recommended subject headings:

Family Violence
Sex Discrimination Against Women