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Legal Research and Writing - Spring 2020

Relevant Terms

What are the relevant terms for this research problem?  Remember, start with basic secondary sources and use a legal dictionary if needed.

Examples may include:

  • Adverse Possession 
  • Neighbor Disputes
  • Nuisance 
  • Real Property
  • Agreed Boundary

Finding Published Cases and Relevant Statutes

This fact pattern is well suited for a headnote segment search.  Remember, that only cases have headnotes written by Westlaw/Lexis editors and only cases selected for publication are typically marked up.  By doing a headnote search for "provocative act murder" you may effectively find much of the relevant case law on this topic.

For example, Westlaw:

adv: HE(agreed /s boundar!)

Note that I'm using the "HE" segment (for the headnote field) and a phrase search for "provocative act murder".

In Lexis you spell out the segment.  For example:

headnotes(agreed /s boundar!)

Legal Encyclopedias